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Boutique en ligne de bricolage, jardinage et décoration.

Objectif Habitat

Objectif Habitat

Le guide vidéo pour réussir vos travaux.


Toutes les idées pour mieux vivre sa maison.

Escabeau Direct

Escabeau Direct

Vente en ligne d'escabeaux en tous genres.

La Boîte à Outils

La Boîte à Outils

Les patrons de la Boîte à Outils défendent votre pouvoir d'achat, entre bricoleurs c'est normal !

Planète Maison

Planète Maison

Toute la déco de votre maison par Cendrine Dominguez.

Baignoire balneo

Baignoire balneo

Vente en ligne de carrelage 1er choix de grandes marques; carrelage italien et espagnol; à prix réduit.

BRICOLONS MOINS CHER.COM : Bricolage entretien décoration pour la maison en vente à prix discount

BRICOLONS MOINS CHER.COM : Bricolage entretien décoration pour la maison en vente à prix discount

Plus de 3000 articles de bricolage, droguerie et décoration en vente à prix discount sur notre site Bricolons Moins Cher. Livraison en 24/48 heures.

Travaux et Décoration

Travaux et Décoration

Le spécialiste du bricolage et de la décoration de la maison.

Recevez jusqu'à 5 Devis Travaux Comparatifs - Service Gratuit ! - Enchères et petites annonces en ligne - Enchères et petites annonces en ligne

Achetez et vendez par l'intermédiaire d'eBay en France et dans le Monde entier.

Vous cherchez un artisan pour votre construction ? KELTRAVO vous aide à trouver celui qu'il vous faut, près de chez vous.

Top Loc - Agences de location de matériels professionnels

Top Loc - Agences de location de matériels professionnels

TOP LOC : La solution location, de la perceuse à la pelleteuse 48 Tonnes, sur Lyon et toute la région Rhône-Alpes.

HBH Ventilation

HBH Ventilation

HBH ventilation est le spécialiste du traitement de l'air pour la maison individuelle. Ventilation, VMC double flux, Aérateurs, Récupérateur d'air chaud, hottes de cuisine.

Matériel bricolage

Matériel bricolage

Eco-bricolage vends des pièces de bruleur, pièces de dépannage chauffe-eau électrique, les pièces SAV constructeurs chaudière, jusqu'aux chaudières elles-même de marque DEVILLE THERMIQUE, les chauffe-eau et chauffe-bain électrique et gaz.

Plateforme de Communiqués de Presse en Ligne : bricolage, maison, jardin...

Plateforme de Communiqués de Presse en Ligne : bricolage, maison, jardin...

Communiques en ligne est une plateforme de communiqués de presse en ligne, permettant de communiquer sur les actualités, nouveautés et produits de votre entreprise ou de votre site internet dans les rubriques bricolage, maison ou jardin.
  • Kia?s fortified Forte5 :

    The Forte name, finding its roots in music, French and fencing, denotes strength, which seems fitting for a vehicle series within the important-to-Canada compact segment.

    Tested here we have the Kia Forte5, a five-door hatchback slotted neatly between the Forte four-door sedan and the two-door Forte Koup.

    The Forte5 lineup ranges in price from around $20-$30K and offers two engine choices, new technologies and numerous trim tweaks for the 2017 model year.

    The Forte5 has been fortified (if I can make that play on words) with a mid-cycle refresh that has emboldened its design.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    Following the styling lead of the latest-gen Optima, the Forte5?s new tiger-nose grille is wider and stronger, connecting with the edges of redesigned headlight assemblies that sweep sleekly around the front fenders.

    The standard fog lamps have been revised. The character lines are crisper and more pronounced, the profile is sleek, and new taillights balance the edgier Euro-design in back.

    The Forte5 lineup starts with a 2.0-litre direct injection four-cylinder engine with DOHC architecture and dual-cam variable valve timing (D-CVVT), contributing to 164 hp and 151 lb/ft of torque. Although this powertrain starts off being mated to a six-speed manual in the base LX+MT model, the bulk of the lineup, from LX to EX, comes with a new second-generation six-speed automatic.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    Ah, but now for something just a little bit different.

    Our tester, a top-of-the-line SX model ($29,895), comes loaded to the gills with equipment and extras.

    Also Read: VW Golf offers comfort in a reliable hatch

    Korean companies have always set the benchmark on dollar-value content, so even the lowest LX trim level model comes complete with electronic stability control, vehicle stability management, hill assist control, auto headlights, foglamps, A/C, keyless entry, heated front seats, a standard rearview camera and six-speaker audio system. And, as you rise through the trim levels, an impressive list of leather appointments and other extras get added.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    So, by the time you get to the all-inclusive levels of this SX model, the inventory list features all the goodies added by the graduated trim levels, plus alloy pedals, ventilated front seats and an added integrated navigation system, among other items.

    This particular SX tester also came dipped in an optional shade of Hyper Blue (+$200), an exclusive colour only available in SX trim. And, mimicking the original hot hatch, there?s a notable, bright red accent line slashing across the front, a la VW GTI, that must have had Vee Dub execs swooning into the arms of their lawyers.

    Also Read: 2016 VW Golf R ? A red rocket for every occasion?

    Backing all this sport posturing, the SX bumps up the power ante with a 1.6-litre turbocharged T-GDI engine boasting the same DOHC D-CVVT technologies, but to a more muscular tune of 201 hp and 195 lb/ft of torque.

    With most of that bottom-end oomph coming on strong at a low 1,500 rpm, the SX launches out of the gate with aplomb and even with a little tire squeal, to satisfy drivers in search of performance to go with their five-door practicality.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    The SX?s 1.6-litre turbo unit manages just fine, thank you, on regular octane game and its fuel economy is rated at 9.4/7.9/100km (city/hwy), which is really not far off the base engine rating. My numbers came in closer to the city average, probably reflecting the evil grin on my face as I squirted this puppy out of the corners.

    The SX matches the power increase with a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that allows cog changes through shifter paddles on a new flat-bottomed D-shaped steering wheel.

    Also Read: Veloster Turbo blends fun and practicality in a stylish package

    The SX also incorporates a dual exhaust system, bigger brakes, 18-inch alloy wheels and, to set off the sport motif, a sport bumper and grille up front bracketed by Xenon HID headlights, along with a unique rear spoiler and LED light bar taillights in back. A lane-keep assist system is also added into the mix for 2017.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    Inside, the Kia Forte5 hosts passengers in a roomy-for-a-compact cabin, with all-black environs, leather-appointed with contrasting piano black glosses and scattered chrome highlights. The instrumentation is a just-right mix of buttons, knobs and touch screen surfaces that allow driver operation without the distractions of menu-scrolling, hunting, pecking and near-death experiences.

    Second row accommodation is do-able and the cargo area swallows up to 657 litres of luggage, expanding to 1,597 litres with the second row folded.

    It?s a very complete package.

    I could go on and on but, to sum up, with its maximized five-door interior space still blending well with compact nimbleness, and bolstered by an SX bump up in performance and handling, this Forte5 certainly offers Kia customers a hot hatch that lives up to its name.

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX

    2017 Kia Forte5 SX 

    BODY STYLE: Compact five-door five-passenger hatchback

    DRIVE METHOD: Front engine, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and front-wheel drive

    ENGINE: 1.6-litre turbocharged T-GDI DOHC D-CVVT four-cylinder (201 hp and 195 lb/ft)

    CARGO: 657 litres, 1,597 litres with second row folded

    FUEL ECONOMY: 9.4/7.9L/100km (city/hwy)

    PRICE: SX $29,895; As tested $30,095 including Hyper Blue paint ($200). Freight ($1,560) not included.


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  • BMW shows performance hybrids in New York :

    BMW will showcase its latest model line-up featuring the BMW iPerformance family of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

    The new BMW 530e iPerformance is the latest addition to BMW?s growing family of plug-in hybrid iPerformance vehicles.

    It combines BMW eDrive electric drive concept and a four-cylinder gasoline engine to achieve 248 hp providing 310 lb/ft of torque and a 0-60 time in 6.1 seconds.

    Purely electric driving for the BMW 530e iPerformance is possible for up to 15 miles.

    The BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance, BMW?s flagship plug-in hybrid model, presents the comfort of the BMW 7 Series with the virtues of electric, locally emission-free mobility. The luxury sedan gets its eDrive powertrain technology from The BMW 330e iPerformance adds a plug-in hybrid drive system to the world?s most successful premium model, the BMW 3 Series.

    BMW Flagship and 530e

    The innovative use of an electric motor with the BMW TwinPower Turbo inline four-cylinder engine, which has won the International Engine of the Year Award twice to date, results in a total system output of 248 hp and 310 lb/ft of torque.

    The BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance, the company?s first plug-in hybrid, combines the 2.0-litre TwinPower Turbo inline 4-cylinder engine with an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery, integrated into its eight-speed automatic transmission.

    This SUV can travel approximately 14 miles on pure electric propulsion, powered by a lithium-ion battery.

    The gasoline engine and electric motor put out 308 hp and 332 lb/ft of torque, enough to propel the X5 xDrive40e from 0-60mph in just 6.5 seconds.

    2017 BMW 530e

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  • York-Bay-Yonge ramp demolition will equal traffic chaos for downtown Toronto :

    It?s been a while since I let loose with a really good rant on these pages, so here goes.

    My dander has been up since it was announced, and it increases day-by-day, as the date of April 17 draws nearer. The demolition of the York-Bay-Yonge ramp from the Gardiner Expressway, which is to start that day, is going to create a downtown traffic nightmare unlike any we have ever seen in this city.

    In addition to taking down that ramp forever, which currently funnels Gardiner traffic in three directions ? east to Yonge St. and north on Bay and York streets ? they are going to widen Harbour St. eastbound at the same time, which means it will be down to two lanes during the construction period.

    Oh, joy.

    The whole project ? the teardown of the three-way ramp, the widening of Harbour and the construction of a new ramp eastbound off the Gardiner that will end at Lower Simcoe St. ? is estimated to take eight months, and everything is expected to be finished and wrapped up with a big, red bow on it by January 2018.

    If I was a bookmaker, I would take bets against that happening.

    Now, I am not against renovating this particular ramp. As Mayor John Tory said (and he sure shows up at every possible photo-op these days, doesn?t he?), it?s 50 years old and not in the best of shape. But renovating/repairing a vital link to downtown is a far cry from demolishing it, and the city has opted for the latter, and the reasons for doing that are bogus, at best.

    Also Read: LETTERS: Pros and cons to Gardiner traffic

    Said the mayor (a paraphrase): The expansion will give pedestrians and cyclists better access to the waterfront. And I say (direct quote): What are you talking about?

    For years and years, I have been hearing the Gardiner-car-hating crowd going on about how the Expressway cuts off access to the waterfront. I thought ? silly me ? that all you had to do to get down to the lake was either walk or ride your bike underneath the Gardiner. If anything cuts off access to the waterfront, I would suggest (in order): Lake Shore Blvd., Queens Quay, condominiums, hotels, sugar refineries, and office buildings as being the culprits. For the life of me, I can?t figure out how the Gardiner impedes anything or anybody, so far as going down and enjoying the waterfront is concerned.

    But the mayor says this will provide better access, and he?s the mayor, and I?m not.

    Now, as usual, it?s car drivers who are being made to suffer. Construction will be restricted to 7 a.m. till 7 p.m., so as not to disturb the residents of condominiums in the area. So tens of thousands of commuters, who keep the economy of the city of Toronto ? particularly the downtown ? humming along will be inconvenienced yet again so that a couple of thousand condo dwellers can get their sleep.

    Now, those folks either bought or are renting those condos so they can live right downtown where the action is ? action being noise and bright lights. They made a choice to live down there, and the fact that the city could cut the construction time for this project in half by having this work done 24 hours a day instead of 12, to accommodate these people who essentially asked for noise in the first place, is appalling. You want peace and quiet? Don?t live next to an expressway. I mean, some of them are so close to that highway you can tell the colour of their underwear as you drive past. And they?re going to be upset by a little noise?

    They?re young, they?re hip, and the vast majority are either single or couples. They don?t even get home till 2 a.m. And construction will be cut off at 7 p.m. so as not to disturb them? Please.

    Oh, and we haven?t even broached the subject of work on weekends. The city says only that some intersections will be closed on some weekends for work to be done, but chances are this project will mostly be a five-day-a-week, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. job. Which means that ? just as happened the last time the Gardiner was repaired ? the city is going to have to cough up extra cash and go to seven days a week or else this won?t be finished till a year from next January.

    The city says it wants drivers to use other eastbound routes south of Queen St. during the construction period and says it will be adjusting traffic signal timing to help with congestion. Two observations:

    ? Why did it take this potential nightmare to trigger an adjustment to traffic signals to make driving a car in the downtown easier? By saying things like that, it makes one wonder if the city has left the lights out of sequence on purpose, doesn?t it?

    Also read: Here?s an easy solution to daily backup on the Gardiner

    ? The first eastbound street you encounter driving north from the construction zone (Blue Jays Way doesn?t count) is Front St., and it?s two-way and congested already, particularly around Union Station. The next street up is Wellington, which is one-way westbound ? the wrong way. Then you come to King St., which is so clogged now that serious discussions are taking place to ban cars from some sections of it entirely. Adelaide is one-way eastbound ? hooray ? and then you have Richmond going westbound (wrong way, again) and, finally, Queen, which ? like King ? is already jam-packed. Throw in the bicycle riders with the street cars, buses and thousands of exasperated motorists and ? well ? watch out.

    (Why not do something really radical? Just for those eight months, change the direction of Wellington to make it one-way eastbound. This is force majeur, so be decisive. Otherwise, it will be an unholy mess.)

    During construction, drivers will have to exit the eastbound Gardiner at the Spadina and Jarvis St. ramps. Arrangements have been made for people using the Spadina ramp to access eastbound Lake Shore Blvd., which has been a no-no for 50 years. But that won?t do much good anyway, because Lake Shore is already bumper-to-bumper during the morning rush and it will quickly narrow to two lanes, making it even more imperative to do something bold (see bracketed paragraph above).

    Tory says there will be disruptions and that he doesn?t want to sugar-coat anything.

    When this announcement was made, the city issued photographs to show what some areas look like now and what they?ll look like after the work is completed in 2018. The ?now? photos are dark and foreboding, with no people around and that dastardly Gardiner ramp cutting off the sunlight.

    The one purporting to show what things will be like in 2018 shows the sun shining and happy couples walking along hand-in-hand.

    Everything is beautiful.

    Yup, you sure wouldn?t want to sugarcoat anything, would you, Mr. Mayor?

    York-Bay-Yonge now

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  • BMW 330e PHEV is the new green :

    The 2017 BMW 330e plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV) tested here is one of the latest in the electric revolution going on in the car industry.

    Donald Trump aside, just about everyone on this planet now realizes that global warming isn?t something vaguely in the future, but here and now.

    Just look at Australia?s Great Barrier Reef!

    BMW has been working on electrification of its fleet for a long time and cars such as the i3 and i8, pure electrics, are leaders in their segment.

    2017 BMW 330e

    But more to the point, BMW has launched its growing iPerformance family which combine the benefits of electricity without impinging on sporty ride and handling and high calibre appointments.

    The 330e is a case in point and keeps all the 3 Series core values, while building on BMW?s eDrive technology.

    The eDrive electric system in the 330e consists of an electric motor rated at 87 hp and 184 lb/ft of torque working in concert with a 2.0-litre twin scroll turbo inline four-cylinder producing 180 hp and 215 lb/ft of torque combining to put out 248 hp and 310 lb/ft.

    Acceleration from 0-100 km/h is listed at 6.2 seconds with a top speed limited to 210 km/h and 120 km/h in pure electric mode.

    2017 BMW 330e

    Because the battery is stored below the cargo floor, trunk space is 370 litres as opposed to 470 litres in a ?standard? 3 Series.

    BMW says it places the electric motor ?upstream? from the eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission so its ratios can also be used in the all-electric mode with the benefit of doing away with the weight and need for a torque converter.

    Walking up to the 330e, it looks the same as any ordinary 3 Series, except for the very large charging port door on the left front fender, which opens to reveal a multi-prong socket.

    In the trunk there is a dedicated charge cord that fits into a 110-volt grounded outlet. It?s bulky, but the chord is about 25 ft long so it reaches from most wall sockets.

    Also Read: Audi goes electric with the A3 Sportback e-tron

    If you run the battery flat, expect it to take overnight to charge on 110-volts.

    When fully charged, I was able (in winter conditions with the heat on) to do about 20-24 km (BMW says up to 40 km is possible) on pure electric power, but if you use the Eco-Pro energy saving mode, features such as regenerative braking are maximized.

    The Eco-Pro/Sport toggle is found on the centre console to the left, but there is also the eDrive button at the back of the shifter that supplies three eDrive modes: the standard AUTO eDrive mode, the purely electric MAX eDrive mode and the Save Battery mode, which maintains the charging status at a constant level.

    I was trying to see if I could drive for a week without using a drop of gasoline.

    2017 BMW 330e

    When I picked it up at BMW Canada, the 330e was showing the previous driver had his/her overall average showing as 5.6L/100 km, which is about 50 miles to the Canadian gallon.

    For the first three days I did errands around town, plugging in every night and saw the average go down to 5.2L/100 km or about 54 miles to the Canadian gallon.

    To do this, I held it to around 40 km/h on battery/regenerative and always had juice left when I got home.

    Eventually I had to do some highway driving and of course the gasoline engine cut in, coming up to speed from the on ramp. But when I got to a steady 100 km/h, the engine turned off and the motor/battery kicked in seamlessly.

    It?s weird to look at the instruments and see the speedometer indicating 100 km/h, but the tach needle at zero revs.

    With rear-drive and the battery weighing about 200 lb under the cargo floor, there is a sensation of the heft when going into a corner.

    But being a BMW, the suspension gives no feeling of understeer, which you might expect.

    Acceleration is brisk, which you also expect from a BMW, especially a 3 Series.

    2017 BMW 330e

    2017 BMW 330e

    At the end of the week, I had covered 168.1 km (about half on the highway) and used 20.8-litres of premium fuel which shot the average way up. But with some more Eco-Pro driving I was able to get consumption down to 5.6L/100 km when I returned it.

    For what it?s worth NRCan shows the fuel rating of the 330e on premium to be 8.5/6.9/7.7L/100 km in ?normal? usage not days on end using Eco-Pro and the eDrive modes.

    Also Read: Cayenne Hybrid plugs into a greener world

    Starting price was $52,100, but it had a lot of options for an as tested price of $61,250, not including $2,145 destination charge (which includes both freight and PDI).

    Sure, you can get PHEVs that are cheaper, but they don?t have the magic of the blue and white roundel badge on the hood.

    Think of the BMW 330e not as just the ?Ultimate Driving Machine? but the ?Ultimate Driving PHEV?.

    2017 BMW 330e

    2017 BMW 330e PHEV 

    BODY STYLE: Mid-size, plug-in hybrid sedan.

    DRIVE METHOD: Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission

    ENGINE: 2.0-litre TwinPower turbo inline four-cylinder (180 hp, 215 lb/ft) with BMW eDrive electric motor (87 hp, 184 lb/ft) for a combined 248 hp and 310 lb/ft) plus 5.7 kWh lithium-ion battery

    FUEL ECONOMY: (Premium) 8.5/6.9/7.7L/100 km city/highway/combined.

    CARGO VOLUME: 370 litres

    PRICE: (Starting price), $52,550; as tested $61,250, not including $2,145 destination charge (which includes both freight and PDI)


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Trouvez un bricoleur pour vous aider sur ALADOM

Trouvez un bricoleur pour vous aider sur ALADOM

Trouvez facilement un prestataire de bricolage pour vos travaux grâce aux annonces gratuites d'ALADOM.
  • Lutter contre la pollution de nos intérieurs :

    Quand on pense pollution, on pense surtout automobile, industrie, bref, air extérieur. Pourtant, nous passons beaucoup de temps à l'intérieur et la qualité de l'air que nous respirons dans les lieux de vie laisse souvent à désirer. A tel point que la question devient un enjeu de santé publique.

  • Fête des pères, bricolage, attention au bruit ! :

    Ce n'est pas parce qu'on vous a offert une perceuse à percussion pour la fête des pères que vous êtes autorisé à l'essayer aussitôt déballée ! Que nenni. La fête des pères a lieu le 17 juin, c'est un dimanche jour où faire du bruit est très réglementé, comme tous les autres jours d'ailleurs.

  • Papa bricole et ça marche ! :

    C'est l'histoire d'une enseigne qui monte qui monte. Papa bricole est présent dans 5 villes de France et son créateur, monsieur Azzi est un homme heureux. Histoire d'une aventure réussie et ce n'est qu'un début...

  • Papa bricole Et que ça brille! une famille, deux agences, à Nantes :

    Depuis presque un an, la famille Pigeault s'est installée à Nantes où elle a ouvert deux enseignes en franchise. Monsieur gère Papa bricole et madame s'occupe d'Et que ça brille. Douceur de vivre en province et plaisir d'être son propre patron, ce sont les choix de Monsieur et Madame Pigeault.

Bricoleur du

Bricoleur du

Le bricolage avec Bricoleurdudimanche est un site communautaire dédié aux bricoleurs, au bricolage et à l'aménagement de la maison.

BONHOMME DE BOIS : jouets en bois pour enfants

BONHOMME DE BOIS : jouets en bois pour enfants

Bonhomme de bois, ce sont des articles de puériculture pour la naissance, le premier âge, les anniversaires et la décoration. Nos jouets conviennent aux garçons et filles de 0 à 10 ans.

Bricolagepro : matériel de bricolage.

Bricolagepro : matériel de bricolage.

Bricolagepro, site de vente en ligne de matériel de jardinage. Découvrez notre gamme d’outils et d’accessoires pour le jardin: barbecue, cheminée etc.

MAISONBRICO, le site N°1 sur la maison et le bricolage

MAISONBRICO, le site N°1 sur la maison et le bricolage est le premier site pour la maison, le bricolage et la décoration. Il offre des centaines de fiches pratiques gratuites sur le bricolage, illustrées de photos et dessins en couleurs, sur tous les secteurs de l'habitat. .

Minute Facile

Minute Facile

Minute Facile : Conseils et Idées Décoration pour la maison

Kiouti - le site de vente des outils pro electroportatif et à main

Kiouti - le site de vente des outils pro electroportatif et à main est le site proposant une grande variété d'outillage pour les professionnels et passionés du bricolage

RIM - créateur de pièces à vivre

RIM - créateur de pièces à vivre

Rim société spécialisée dans la pose de Vérandas ou fermetures d'habitation - Menuiseries - Volets - Clôtures - Portails - Portes de garages - Stores - Automatismes, situé sur la RN10 à Villethiou entre Château-Renault et Vendôme, proche de Tours

Debonix - Vente d'outillages électrique et à main

Debonix - Vente d'outillages électrique et à main

Particulier et professionnel, vous êtes à la recherche d'outils pour vos différents besoins de bricolage, vous trouverez sur le matériel nécessaire pour toutes utilisations et matériaux.

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